Manifest Simplicity in 2019



QUALITY, MATERIALS and FLOW are what we, at CAM, believe brings the most value to you, your family and business. These considerations allow simplicity to manifest within the many selections that follow. Most importantly it invites and encourages peace, calm and intentional living for those sharing and enjoying the space.


Below are ideas on current and classic design features and materials that continue to bring joy and value to beautiful spaces.


Steel Doors/ Windows

Updating doors and windows with steel or the lighter (and less expensive) black painted aluminum. Either way, your home gets a sleeker—clean line look and we’re always big fans of bringing more natural light into a space.

Steel Doors and Windows in West University Remodel

Built-in Seating

Build-in seating can really help maximize space and provide additional storage, for instance in a breakfast nook. And everyone needs additional storage—right?!


Counter to Ceiling Backsplash

Make a nice, big statement in your kitchen design by incorporating a feature wall with tile or slab backsplash up to the ceiling. This continuity gives the feeling of higher ceilings and a touch of drama.

West University Kitchen Remodel

Plaster vent-a-hood

Oh my goodness, the vent-a-hoods available!  WOW!  Add interest in your kitchen design with the vent-a-hood by incorporating metal on plaster, all metal, or wood features…; such a great way to add another layer of texture to the finishes.

Memorial Kitchen Remodel

Sophisticated Exterior Finishes

For an exterior update, consider advanced wash techniques—from lime wash brick to different mortar washes, you can bring a lot of depth and design to your exterior.

We have so many fabulous options available.  Let’s remember for your Houston home remodel, office build out or new construction, QUALITY-MATERIAL and FLOW – this is what will set your space apart!

We’d love to work with and for you manifesting simplicity within your construction projects—residential and/or commercial!

Love, peace and simplicity,

Your CAM Construction team

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